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WEL Gene Bank: National Gene Bank for German Crop Wild Relative Species

The German ‘Genbank für Wildpflanzen für Ernährung und Landwirtschaft (WEL) is a gene bank for crop wild relatives for which the German term ‘WEL’ species was coined. The WEL gene bank was established as a national network in 2009 in order to protect wild plant genetic resources in Germany to protect and ensure availability of seed material.

The 3.600 species of wild plants used for nutrition and agriculture (crop wild relatives) represent a substantial proportion of the comprehensive 4.000 endemic species. The WEL-Gene Bank has established a valuable resource for future research projects and for use in crop cultivation.

Participating in this network are the Botanical Gardens of Berlin, Karlsruhe Osnabrueck and Regensburg, as well as the Educational College of Karlsruhe. The WEL-Gene Bank is under management of the Botanical Garden of Osnabrueck, Germany.

The Information and coordination centre of the Federal Office of Agriculture and Nutrition (BLE) is responsible for the integration of the WEL Gene Bank in the “National Specialist Programme for Plant Genetic Resources” (PGDEU). 

This project was made possible by the support of the “Federal Office of Nutrition, Agriculture and Consumer Protection” (BMELV) und the Federal Office of Agriculture and Nutrition (BLE) within the framework of their model and demonstration initiative.



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